Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Whitacre Heath

Saturday promised to be sunny, so with a report of a redpoll from the Whitacre Heath blog, I crossed my fingers and aimed for the woodland hide. After the recent rain, I needed my wellies, though I did have to break the ice to reach the mud in places. Must invest in some warmer versions, one day!

Squidging around the side of the hide, I sprinkled some seed on to some of the branches and logs (it was good to see that the feeders were full again, at least for the sake of the hungry birds), and then set up camp in the hide. Annoyingly, the sunshine forecast would have to fight through the clouds that seemed to have gathered.

Unable to take pics, or unwilling to, should I say, g
iven the light, I just enjoyed the comings and goings of the busy blue and great tits, whilst the chaffinches moved in and were content to sit and munch. The suet at the back soon attracted the local woodies (great spotted), with their striking call to announce their arrival. A bit suicidal perhaps, given the number of sprawks around?

A bit more light brought two good things. Firstly a pair of nuthatches appeared, one favouring the food up close, while the other seemed more interested in the feeders at the back, and then a friend who'd been emailing me lately arrived at the hide; Dickie. We then proceeded to natter away about the birds around, pointing out new arrivals on the scene, moaning about the cold and lack of light and of course firing off countless shots at anything that came close enough.

The sun did make an appearance at one point (unlike the redpoll), so at least some shots had some brightness to them, but the nuthatch stole the show. Saying that, a tiny character hopping about on the edge of the pool did provide some great opportunities too.

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