Monday, 16 March 2009

Garden Birding

Birding was somewhat limited over the weekend due to a gathering of friends from all over the UK, for much amusement, a touch of beer and a great gig. So I kept my birding very local on both days.

Saturday I found myself sat in a deckchair on my parents' patio, with their cat as company, hoping to see the blackcap that Dad has managed to get several shots of. With the March sunshine on my face, in the suntrap there, it was pleasantly warm, which made up for the lack of the star! A no show, but I did get to see long tailed, blue and great tits, dunnocks, robins, starlings, wood pigeons, magpies (building a huge nest), goldfinches and a fair few house sparrows. Also over, was a passing male kestrel and a very distant buzzard.

Sunday started in a balti house and after a short sleep, I ventured into my own garden, firstly sprinkling seed out before clambering into the hide. Nothing. Not sure why I bother sometimes... So I got out, and bizarrely a pair of blackbirds arrived. Setting up a deckchair next to my hide, I sat out for a few mins, and a few more visitors arrived, though not coming too close. Then I caught sight of a bright pink bird... the male bullfinch. Excellent!

Climbing back into the hide, I crossed my fingers and hoped. It paid off. Down he came, along with his mate, and they sat in the cut back shrubs whilst alternating to and from the sunflower seed feeder. They are such beautiful birds and make me wonder why I go out sometimes when I know they're around.

Aside from these jewels, I also watched a pair of starlings, acrobatically assaulting the feeders and suet blocks. In the sunshine, their colours are stunning - such striking looking birds.

And the local robins came out to play, ending up on my camera as usual. Who can resist a posing robin? Gallery is being updated now, and I'll add more pics to this blog later this week. Was supposed to be getting an early night tonight. D'oh!

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