Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Book Cover!

Recently I received an exciting email from a publisher who had spotted a photo of mine that was perfect for a book cover for a new edition of a popular birding book.

The book would be the 5th Edition of Where To Watch Birds in Devon and Cornwall (A & C Black Publishers), and the photo, that of a Cirl Bunting taken in May 2008 at Berry Head, would feature on the back cover.

Would I allow them to use it? You betcha!

So today, a parcel arrived at work and inside was the new book, with a fab shot of a peregrine falcon on the front, but on the back, there's my cirl bunting. Singing his head off on that fine sunny day.

Fantastic. They even spelled my surname right!


Reg The Birder said...

That's great news. Well done, mate!

Max Silverman said...

Excellent Pete but will you talk to us mortals now?

JonSadler said...

Nicely done Pete. It is a great photograph.