Monday, 4 January 2010

Glossy Ibis and Fieldfares

After the lack of birds in Cumbria, a sunny Sunday provided me with the chance to get out locally, and I immediately headed over to Holt Fleet (next to the River Severn) to see the glossy ibis again. This time it was in good light, and after locating the bird, and asking those already present if they minded if I tried to get a little closer (they didn't), I used the same approaching technique as with waders.

That is walk slowly, stop, walk slowly, stop until you are close enough, and then crouch down and hope the bird comes closer. It did, and with the sun on its back and reflecting from the water around it, it looked stunning. It's another of those birds that looks larger than it is from pictures, but is actually relatively small.

I stayed still as it pottered about amongst the shrubs and through the marshland, getting various shots, some with lovely reflections.

Then, when I'd got enough pics, I slowly backed off, ensuring it wasn't spooked in doing so.

I popped over to Holt next to see what was around - loads of starlings, plus good numbers of redwings, fieldfares and finches. All unfortunately keeping their distance. Managed half a decent shot of a fieldfare in flight, which was pleasing.

Back to Upton Warren where I met up with several friends, all crammed into the hide at the North Moors. The bittern had been seen (apparently there are now 3 of them which is great news), though it didn't show fully to me. Instead I headed down the path to see the fieldfare that is standing guard over the crab apples near the concrete hide. This was a real boost after the lack of success at Holt.

It certainly didn't want to share the food, chasing away blackbirds and even the local robins! But for me, was a great chance to get some more shots of these fabulous looking birds.

Just need to find an accommodating redwing now... and isn't it about time for some waxwings to arrive? Probably read that a load have been seen in Braithwaite...


midlands birder said...

glad you asked too get closer to the ibis, much better than those idiots that just walk forward and the bird flushes
anyway well done you

sharon said...

Lovely photos of the Ibis.
If you want Redwings, come to Ireland - plenty of them here :-)

steve seal said...

Nice one mate.

Max Silverman said...

Excellent shots Pete.I'm jealous as hell.