Thursday, 15 July 2010

Cannock Redstarts

As usual I'm miles behind on this blog, so I'll try to be brief before my next main entry. After Scotland I had (still have) a huge pile of photos to process from the trip and this surely meant I'd stay in to sort them. Erm no. The middle of June is usually the best time to see common redstarts, especially at Cannock Chase, so this meant a trip out that way one Saturday.

Turning off the main path too early, I managed to end up about 2 miles from where I wanted to be, and on a hot day with a heavy camera, I wasn't best pleased, but the 2 hour walk around eventually yielded results when I heard the familiar call, and subsequently located the female returning to her nest in the base of a tree.

Moments later I clocked the male, and he was busy feeding fledglings that were hopping around below the ferns, calling for food, constantly.

The light wasn't great and as ever, midges fed on me, but I managed a few reasonable shots, including a couple of one of the juveniles.

Lovely birds and I always make time to see them.

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Reg The Birder said...

Nice pics. The Scotland stuff was fab too.