Monday, 15 August 2011

Daily Mail and The Times

Just a quick post to announce that I managed to get some of my images in the National Press on Friday - the Daily Mail and The Times both published articles based on my photographs of the osprey being chased off by the ducks, as recently seen in Scotland.

Not sure at the mo, whether they made it to the printed versions, as I only found out today they'd been used.

Regardless, it's hugely pleasing for me, and I'm very proud.

The Daily Mail's online version can be found here:

The Times' version needs you to be logged in, but if you have a subscription, just search for "osprey" and it'll show up in the results.

I'll be adding the screen-grabs from the articles to my website soon.


Ashley Hugo said...

Nice one Pete, stunning pictures!

Jason K said...

Nice one Pete...I bet you ere dead chuffed. A cracking set of shots

Max Silverman said...

Well done Pete.

Pam said...

Excellent images and what a sight to witness! Well done Pete!

ann pallas-bentley said...

Very well deserved congratulations!