Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Icy Earlswood

The last day of the year and it's been a cold one. Getting back from work early afternoon, gave me a chance to pop out with the camera, initially thinking I'd probably be only getting scenic shots. With the subzero temperatures, I headed to Earlswood Lakes.

Upon arrival, the light was as expected; terrible, and after climbing the steps to the causeway, I tutted, as there were no birds in sight. My mate (taking scenic shots) had wandered off around the lake already, so I headed alongside the lake to catch up. Things improved...

In the shrubs beside the stream, a fieldfare rooted about for something to eat, and above me in the treetops, a small flock of siskin fed. The usual robins, blackbirds, pigeons and tits were about, as well as black-headed gulls and mallards on the frozen lake. An unusual call however, stood out, and mooching over to Terry's lake at the back, revealed a pair of goosanders. Dreadful light, and quite misty, but worth a couple of shots.

Wandering back to the causeway, the goosanders had moved to the metal bridge, and were amongst the mallards. Also spotted as we walked alongside the lake were 4 pochards, a tufted duck and a kingfisher, whizzing by, probably looking for a crash helmet to wear to go fishing in.

Back to the causeway, and 3 great crested grebes fluttered by, wings going furiously, searching for somewhere soft to land, and a lone pied wagtail scurried along the tarmac. Not a great afternoon for photos, but worth the walk.
Apart from a hangover, I wonder what the New Year will bring.
Happy New Year everyone!

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Reg The Birder said...

A beautiful day today. Wish I could have been out in it, although I suspect it was a little on the chilly side.

Kingfisher and Goosander will be nice birds to get under my belt on my patch list this weekend, weather permitting.

Look forward to reading your blog next year.