Monday 4 December 2023

Home in the Scottish Highlands

It has been a while since I posted on here, which is disgraceful really. I tend to spend more time these days putting images and brief stories on my many Social Media feeds, so this has been neglected.

The last year has been eye-opening for me, both on a personal level and through my work. Living for over two years on the Isle Of Mull was in the main, incredible. The wildlife experiences I enjoyed and shared with clients and friends alike were at times breathtaking, but a number of factors contributed to me making the difficult decision to move again, this time to Inverness.

Being based here offers me the chance to explore the whole of Scotland more easily, with the Highlands and Cairngorms on my doorstep. Mull is still just a short drive away (assuming the ferries are running), as is Skye and the east coast.

So now my work is mainly around the Scottish Highlands, especially in the winter months, for species like mountain hares, crested tits, red squirrels, red deer, red grouse, wintering wildfowl, snow buntings, waxwings and anything else that might be around.

The year offers such species as ospreys, gannets, grey and harbour seals, brown hares, roe deer, wildfowl and grebes, cuckoos and more. 

And I'd be mad to turn my back on Mull, so I can run 2+ day workshops throughout the year there, for otters, eagles, hen harriers, short-eared owls and general wildlife. Having lived there for two and a half years, I have a great wildlife-diary in my head of what is around, when and where.

So without further ado, and any more waffling, here are a few images (in no particular order) from this year, taken on Mull and around the Highlands. 

I think that covers most of the year! The whales (fin and humpbacks) were from a ferry crossing I took to Stornaway and back, with friends late summer. It was astonishing what we saw that day, with porpoises, common dolphins, minke, fin, humpback and killer whales seen from the boat. 
If you would like to join me for a workshop either here in the Scottish Highlands or on Mull, please email me, or visit my website for more information.