Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day Waxwings

Despite the alcohol intake of Christmas Day, the sun shining through my bedroom window in the morning was enough encouragement to get me out and about. Heading firstly to Droitwich in search of waxwings, I initially thought I was in luck, when 2 birds landed in a tree outside the Land Rover dealership. Dammit, redwings. After giving it all of 5 mins, I decided to try my luck down at Upton Warren, as some had been seen near the Sailing Club too.

Enroute, I spotted a kestrel perched on a wire fence, and a couple of slightly dodgy car-turns later, I was parked up, taking shots. It spotted something, and launched down into the long grass... to scoff a worm. A light breakfast, perhaps?

On to Upton Warren, and I was greeted with the sight of a good number of folk, with cameras and scopes aimed at the garden centre. Spotting Stuart, I wandered over for a chat, to catch up on what was going on. 20+ waxwings. Excellent.

After a few minutes, the flock returned, and being as impatient as usual, I went for a closer view. I wasn't alone; Mark Hancox was sat in his car - wise move, it was bl**dy freezing. Stuart joined us, though he managed to get an invite into Mark's car! Then, as before with the lone bird I watched in Derby (Feb), the waxwings did a circular route, disappearing occasionally, only to return and perch in the taller trees. Was worth getting frozen for though, as they descended into the trees right next to me, on several occasions, providing great views and allowing for some good shots, against a blue sky too. A rarity these days!

Tempted to go again tomorrow, though the garden centre will be open, so it might be more difficult to get a decent shot...


Reg Telescope said...

Super Waxwing shot, Pete. Might be tapping you up for one to put on Worcestershire Source!

Kay said...

Some cracking Waxy shots taken at Webbs, Pete!

All the best for 2009, catch you soon :)