Wednesday 29 April 2009

2 Breaks

Apologies to anyone wondering if I'd vanished off the face of the earth - I've had 2 breaks lately, of sorts. Firstly, I had a planned break to Lanzarote (last week) and had been trying to decide what camera to take along. The 40D was favourite but a risk if there was no safe in the room.

Then the 40D made the decision for me, whilst out on a walk alongside Coton Lakes with Max, when it came up with the dreaded Err 99 message and failed. Great. Break number 2.

I'll post a quick report from Lanzarote later, though it wasn't a "birding" holiday. I did see a few birds around, even some with feathers!

With the 40D broken though, I haven't been taking much of anything. Got some more little owl shots with the old 350D (how did I ever manage with this!! It's so small) plus a few from around the Flashes at UW.

As Arnie occasionally said though, "I'll be back".

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