Monday 4 May 2009

Upton Warren Guide

Quick entry to note that the Worcs Wildlife Trust leaflet for (the Christopher Cadbury Reserve at) Upton Warren is now distributed across the reserve which provides a good deal of information about the reserve, plus a map and some of the star birds that frequent it.

Why am I mentioning this you might ask?

Well, I was contacted by WWT asking if they could use an image of mine for the cover of it. Always glad to help out the Trust, I said they could and now a picture of an avocet features on the front. It was taken some time ago with the old 350D over on the Flashes, on a sunny day in May 2007.


midlands birder said...

i noticed your pic when i picked one up last saturday looking for hobbies at the moors.i like the new arangement in the west hide its great.well done with the pic.

Max Silverman said...

Pete.You are getting famous.