Tuesday 15 March 2011

Website Woes

A short post regarding my websites, or lack of them as it would appear. Fotopic seems to have vanished, and I can't see any definitive information about what is going on anywhere online.

As such, my Birds, Wildlife, and 2 other galleries I maintain have gone, hopefully only temporarily. I'm not best pleased, given the number of images involved, not to mention information about where pics were taken etc.

Anyway, I'm not completely at a loss, as recently I set up a Flickr account, and have a lot of images over on there. It will be here that I add most shots of birds and wildlife that I photograph on a regular basis, and it will complement the small selection of shots that feature on here.

And, even more recently, I got my act together and sorted a proper website (www.petewalkden.co.uk), albeit in its infancy at the moment. This website showcases my best work; images I am really pleased with and also ones that folks could purchase, as I know the quality of the images are up to that task.

I'll be adding content to this personal website over time, and including more features and information.

Both these websites can be accessed from the Links Section on this Blog.

Thanks for your ongoing interest!




Dave Shakespeare said...

Ive lost 2 fotopic accounts, and was told today by a friend of mine that fotopic has ceased trading?

Superb blog by the way :-)

Kevin Groocock said...

Hi Pete - same here! Rather annoying. I've taken up a flickr account but will start it afresh and not put my old images on it. My blog is still going and this will be my main reference. I've just linked your new blog. Hope to meet you again soon.



Max Silverman said...

Pete : I've just checked out your new website and I wished I hadn't because it's full of shots that have made me very jealous.Can you please remove it asap!!!!!!!