Tuesday 26 April 2011

Gauntlet BOP Centre

Bit of an abstract entry here, from some weeks back in March, when I was sent to Manchester for work, to help with a system installation. After a very early start, I was allowed some hours off between the early and very late shift, so decided to take a look around the area.

Without details, I failed to locate one of the Cheshire Wildlife reserves (please, if anyone from the Trust reads this, include a postcode of the site - makes it so much easier), but in driving around spotted a falconry centre, by the name of Gauntlet (http://www.gauntlet.info/).

What a great place - perfect for spending a couple of hours mooching around, and better still - timed by me for one of the flying displays.

I've been to some before, and you see the usual of vultures and eagles, perhaps a falcon or owl, and this place did the same.

However, they also had a pair of stork-like birds (can't find them on their site at the mo), a raven and best of all, a flying display by red and black kites.

That was superb, and the birds skimmed your head as you sat there.

If you're in the Knutsford area, Gauntlet is definitely worth a visit.


Max Silverman said...

Cracking shots in your last few posts Pete.

Michael Griffiths said...

Nice images,Pete.

Unknown said...

Excellent images Pete! We have the same kind of fun at the Hawk COnservancy, in Andover, where the falconers are very photographer-friendly.