Monday 9 April 2012

Garden Gold

As I type this, I really ought to be outside working on my garden pond, but the rain is enough of an excuse to be inside. Yesterday though, while drizzle occasionally fell, I was knee deep in mud and clay, but wisely, had my camera gear nearby. 

I get a reasonable array of birds in the garden, and most of my shots of goldcrests are from here. However, almost all are from the fir tree, so when I spotted the local pair chasing one another around the shrubs, I grabbed the camera and followed. 

As usual, they didn't stop for long, though as I have seen before, they don't take much notice of you either allowing very close views, and I had to duck twice when their chase took them right at me! 

Made a good change to see them out of the fir tree, and I grabbed an old stick as a perch, put it into the shrubs and hoped they might come out into the open more to land on it. 

Paid off, with a few shots of one of the tiny characters perching on it, before diving back into the bushes. 

After a few frantic moments, the pair seemed to calm down, and vanished back into the shadow of the fir tree, to feed once more. Unfortunately that meant I had to head back to the hole, and carry on with my task. Made for an entertaining distraction though!

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Max Silverman said...

Cracking shots.I am not jealous and do not struggle with these chaps.Well not much.