Sunday, 4 October 2015

Weston Turville Osprey

An unusually short blog post from me for once. Today I zipped down the M40 to a small reservoir at Weston Turville in Buckinghamshire where a juvenile osprey has been fishing for a couple of weeks.

I managed to time my visit perfectly, as I'd just walked up the small slope to the end of the water when I saw the osprey was already out hunting. It dived at the far end, but fortunately for me (and the numerous spectators) it missed. So then it circled higher once more, and powered down towards where I was standing.

After flying overhead, it followed the edge of the water, briefly hovered before acrobatically flipping over and diving into the water. Pictures speak louder and far more clearly than words here...

With a firm grip on the fish, it was time to leave and find a tree to perch up in, to enjoy lunch!
If only all wildlife encounters were so time-efficient!

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