Thursday 22 January 2009

Redditch Waxwings

I'd booked the Monday off, to recover from the weekend in Norfolk, and had planned to get my hair cut. I'm starting to look like James May, which is concerning. Anyway, after a lie in, I realised that the sun was out, and it would be a shame to waste a photo opportunity.

A quick glance on the internet at the local birding sites, and I was pleased to see some waxwings had been spotted in Redditch. I hate Redditch though, as it's got to be the most confusing place to drive around, with its infamous roundabouts and countless housing estates. SatNav to the rescue again, and within 10 mins, I was parked up at the location.

No sign of them. Waited for 20 mins, but nothing. B*gger. Setting the course to Upton Warren, I followed the directions, round the next corner to the sight of 3 people stood on the verge, looking upwards at a flock of birds in a tree opposite. Superb.

Parked up, used the car as a hide and fired off some shots. Certainly got some strange looks from drivers going by, but worth it, to get some pics of these vibrantly-coloured birds. The rain soon arrived, and the flock moved elsewhere.

A good end to a short break from work.

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