Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A Mooch Round Upton Warren

Just a quick entry to say I popped over to Upton Warren on Sunday to see the Avocets. Must have heard I was coming because they stayed about as far away as possible on the Flashes. Plenty of time to see them over the coming months though. Did get some reasonable views of a little ringed plover and redshank, and there were a few oystercatchers going back and forth from the fields to the lakes.

Not a lot on the Moors at the mo. Met up with Pam and the gang (again!!) and we watched a wren building a nest, occasionally pausing to sing his heart out. Heard a Cetti's but didn't see one.

Then on the way home I detoured to see the little owl, which gave me its usual glare before flying off across the field. Irritable Owl Syndrome, I believe it's called...

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Reg Telescope said...

Nice pic, and an even better pun.