Sunday, 26 July 2009

Garden Surprises

I'm lucky in that my garden is populated by a decent number and variety of birds, so offers me the luxury of being able to photo "garden" birds whenever the light is good enough. I have a hide out there for this very purpose, though I'm not sure what the neighbours think!

Occasionally I spot slightly rarer birds passing through, and this week two birds have caught my attention. Firstly a family of jays descended from the trees to make the most of the seed I'd sprinkled around the base of the feeders, and then another first for the garden. A stock dove.

All were initially spotted when I was peering out the window, so one afternoon this week, getting home from work early allowed me to clamber into the hide and wait.

Neither let me down! First a pair of juvenile jays arrived, and unlike their wary parents, ignored the clicking from the camera, wolfing down the food instead.

And moments after they had left, the stock dove put in an appearance. I've never seen one at such close quarters before, and I have to say that the patch on the back of the neck is beautiful - reflective like fish scales.

I really ought to start a garden list... but that might make me into a birder... ;)


Reg Telescope said...

Christ - we don't want that, do we!

Unknown said...

Always miss the Bearded Tits at Cley. Nice Blog